Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flood 2008 - Consequences of Building On The Flood Plain

New Homes Built After Flooding In 1993
Holcomb Avenue In Des Moines

I recall driving on Holcomb Avenue in Des Moines recently and could not help but notice the newer homes that were built and the previous homes that were being torn down. During the Flood of '93 this street also was flooded. I could not understand why the new homes were built and people decided to live in a high risk area with a history of flooding. How many times will it need to flood before the residents become a little more cautious?


North High School And The Birdland Area
Is It Time To Reconsider Closing The School?

Some supporters worry the school is on the brink of extinction and the floods might push it over the edge."Some will say, 'Why pour more money into it?' " said John Morrissey, president of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association. "Others will think it needs to go to the front of the line for renovations. What will happen? Your guess is as good as mine."

Another flood is the latest challenge for North, Des Moines' smallest high school with a 2007 enrollment of about 1,100.

The building was considered for closure during a series of budget cutbacks in the 1990s and faced environmental issues when a toxic waste dump was discovered on the school's grounds in 1990.
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