Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We Reap What We Sow...

This Hypothetical Dialog Perspective Is From
An E-mail Forwarded To This Author

Dear God:

Why didn't you save the students and school children at the following schools:
Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University, Amish Country, PA, Columbine High School, Moses Lake , Washington 2/2/96, Bethel , Alaska 2/19/97, Pearl , Mississippi 10/1/97, West Paducah , Kentucky 12/1/97, Stam P, Arkansas 12/15/97, Jonesboro , Arkansas 3/24/98 , Edinboro , Pennsylvania 4/24/98, Fayetteville , Tennessee 5/19/98, Springfield , Oregon 5/21/98, Richmond , Virginia 6/15/98, Littleton , Colorado 4/20/99 , Conyers , Georgia 5/20/99, Deming , New Mexico 11/19/99, Fort Gibson , Oklahoma 12/6/99, Santee, California 3/ 5/01, and El Cajon , California 3/22/01?
A Concerned Student

Dear Concerned Student:
I am not allowed in schools.
Sincerely, God
How did this get started?...
Let's see, I think it started when Madeline Murray O'Hare complained She didn't want any prayer in our schools. And we said, OK...
Then, Someone said you better not read the Bible in school, The Bible that says 'Thou shalt! Not kill, Thou shalt not steal,And love your neighbors as yourself,' And we said, OK...
And the entertainment industry said, Let's make TV shows and movies that promote Profanity, Violence and Illicit Sex... And let's record music that encourages Rape, Drugs, Murder, Suicide, and Satanic themes.. And we said, Ok... It's just entertainment and it has no adverse effect and nobody takes it seriously anyway, So go right ahead.

Now we're asking ourselves Why our children have no conscience, Why they don't know right from wrong, And why it doesn't bother them to kill strangers, classmates or even themselves.
Undoubtedly, If we thought about it long and hard enough, we could figure it out. I'm sure it has a great deal to do with... "WE REAP WHAT WE SOW."

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