Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This Blog's Terms and Policies

Your use of Mainstream Iowan is on the condition that you accept the following terms and policies:

This blog is provided free of charge by Blogger. Mainstream Iowan is not paid for maintaining it, makes no money on it and does not charge visitors for reading it. The owner is a working stiff who makes no claims about being a journalist or blogging professional.

This blog is provided "As Is" without any warranties of any kind. It disclaims the fitness of any information published here for any purpose. Our authors have their own opinions, whether you disagree with them or think they are right or wrong.

You cannot be required or forced to read this blog. In fact, Mainstream Iowan forbids anyone else to force you to read this blog as a condition of use.

This blog posts articles about whatever subject it chooses and usually links to where the source came from. Links and other resources are also provided "As Is" without any warranties of any kind.

This blog will link to any other blogs it chooses, but it does not necessarily agree with every position linked blogs may have. When linking to other resources, Mainstream Iowan cannot guarantee anything about their fitness either.

This blog does allow moderated comments, but this blog is not a discussion board. Comments are not moderated daily, but it will be Mainstream Iowan's sole discretion as to what will be allowed to be published. Additional factors considered are relevance and timeliness - and there may be editing. Mainstream Iowan reserves the right to use submitted comments. If you do not agree to these terms, don't leave comments.

Mainstream Iowan does not pick fights with others on their blogs and will not tolerate it here. There is no requirement for anyone to vist here and post comments, nor anyone's duty to answer or reply to comments. Mainstream Iowan will ban whomever it wishes especially for unproductive discussions, insults and profanity. Spammers and hackers may be reported.

If posts have inaccurate information (not differences in opinion), there will be an attempt to investigate and correct such information within a reasonable amount of time after being notified.

If you do not like what is presented on this blog, create your own blog! That's one of the reasons why this blog was started.

If you disagree with ANYTHING on this blog, such is your right. Recognize our right to disagree with you.

If you can't abide by these terms and policies, THEN LEAVE!
We are still scratching our heads as to this blog's popularity as it is.

Mainstream Iowan reserves the right to add or update these terms and policies at it's discretion.

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