Friday, June 06, 2008

New Iowa Blog: Postville Voices

New Iowa Blog Needs A More Fitting Name:
The Postville Profiteers
or Agriprocessors Inc. Spin

Spinning Agriprocessor's Bull

Just discovered a new Iowa Blog! This blog has more spin than the tornadoes that recently devastated Iowa. Allegedly produced and written by an Agripocessor mechanic, the blog has put a human face on the many padding their pockets from the Postville underground industry.

While the Blog is in English, we do not yet get to see the illegals posted on UTube. What you can see is new hires who don't know any better, and some of the profiteers who padded their pockets. They are now speaking out in defense of themselves and Agriprocessors.

An entire underground industry developed around Agriprocessors with its illegal immigrants. No wonder so many in Postville turned their heads the other way. Make no mistake, workers were exploited and pockets were padded. Even a profiteer landlord who rented to illegals speaks out.

Remember, while you are visiting the Agriprocessors Blog, that,
When entering Postville, The Spin Starts Here!

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