Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ramona Cunningham In The News Again

Lawyer Wants A Change Of Venue
Half Of Potential Jurrors Believe Her Guilty
Ramona Still In Louisiana Mental Hospital

Defense attorney Bill Kutmus on Wednesday renewed Cunningham's request for a change of venue. He argued in court papers that a survey of potential jurors proves that pretrial publicity has poisoned Cunningham's chance at a fair trial in Des Moines. Under federal court rules, the 77 questionnaires completed by central Iowa residents last month were not made public. Fifty-five percent carried the guilty reference, according to Kutmus, and the surveys contain "numerous examples of opinions of Ramona Cunningham which were very strongly held and wildly inflammatory in nature."

Cunningham faces 30 charges that include various forms of fraud, conspiracy and obstruction.

It was uncertain Wednesday whether other defendants will join in Cunningham's request or whether Cunningham will even be present if a jury is convened in April.
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