Wednesday, February 06, 2008

McCain Pulls Ahead...

McCain Takes New York and California

The victory in California was a crushing blow to Mitt Romney's hopes, and a Romney campaign official told NBC News that Wednesday would be a day of frank discussion about the campaign's future.

McCain also had victories in Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, and his home state of Arizona, along with an apparent win in tightly contested Missouri.
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Is Huckabee Running For Vice-President?

While Mitt Romney was suggesting Mike Huckabee pull out of the race, Mike Huckabee was winning in the south and almost pulled off a win in Missouri. Mitt the Monied Mormon may keep spending his personal fortune to feed his ego to buy the Republican nomination. Perhaps he will spend enough, so that we won't hear from him after this election cycle.

The McCain / Huckabee collusion -- explicit in West Virginia and implicit / unofficial / unintended everywhere else -- is a major story tonight. Huckabee's victories are likely to put enormous pressure on the well-funded Romney to drop out... If his money cannot buy him victories outside a few caucus states, Massachusetts and Utah, he does not have any pretext for continuing.
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