Thursday, January 31, 2008

Change Of Dynamics With Dropout Wednesday

Giuliani Out Of Republican Race
Edwards Out Of Democrat Race

On the Democrat side, the final two standing are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Pundits say Edwards dropping from the race appears to benefit Obama the most. Little love lost between Clinton and Obama...

Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the presidential race and not only endorsed Sen. John McCain, but offered to campaign for him. On the Republican side, there are four candidates remaining. Ron Paul who has virtually no chance. Mike Huckabee who now doubtfully has little chance, who at this point staying in the race. Then there is Mitt Romney, who thinks his violating Reagan's 11th commandment and wealth can buy elections (and occasionally has). The frontrunner is John McCain who currently looks like the heir apparent.

In the meantime,
California Governor Schwarzenegger will endorse John McCain on Thursday, giving a certain boost to the Republican presidential front-runner six days before California's high-prize primary.

The two will appear at a news conference after touring a Los Angeles-based solar energy company and the governor will make his endorsement official, his senior aides confirmed Wednesday.

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