Monday, January 21, 2008

Republican Presidential Election Politics - Anybody's Guess

- Still No Republican Front Runner -
Too Many Candidates Splitting Votes

So Romney won Nevada and Mormons (almost all Mormons) voted for him. Duncan Hunter drops out, while Fred Thompson considers the same. John McCain wins New Hampshire, and South Carolina by the help of (Independents, not Republicans) aided by the Evangelical vote divided between Huckabee and Thompson.

Still many would point to Romney as the leader, even as a current poll for
whatever it is worth shows him leading. Many will point to his winning ability based on his money, while many point to his political history of having political positions during his life that could appeal to anyone, no matter what their ideological persuasions are.

On to Florida,
if Giuliani loses, he is likely finished and is barely ahead in some old polls. There is the liberal values voters - Giuliani, the moderate camp - McCain, values voters - Huckabee, mainstream conservative voters - Thompson, business interests voters - Romney, libertarian voters - Paul.

After Super Tuesday, we will see the candidates that remain, but the Republican Convention may be a brokered convention...

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