Friday, January 11, 2008

The “Gang of Four” Against Hillary Clinton

Senator John Kerry Endorses Barack Obama

The Four — Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, and Al Gore — have pledged to stop Hillary from getting the nomination, and each has his own reason for detesting Clinton.

As the Insider Report has disclosed on several occasions beginning in 2005, Kennedy is disgusted by Bill and Hillary Clinton’s moderate politics, and he early on endorsed Kerry for the 2008 nomination.

Gore blames his 2000 loss on Hillary, who he says siphoned off key resources to her Senate race.

Dean blames the Clintons for his 2004 campaign woes. A year earlier, Clinton had launched a behind-the-scenes campaign to pressure fellow Democrats not to support Dean for president.

And Kerry feels Hillary stabbed him in the back, promising to go all out to support his 2004 White House campaign but then doing as little as possible to help him.
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