Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa's Caucus Message To The Nation: IOWA IS NOT FOR SALE!

Huckabee and Obama Win Big
Neither Big Money Nor Huge Organizations Can Buy
Iowa Elections or Iowa Voters Of Either Party

Today many are proud to be Iowans. We have heard and seen a media that believes Iowa should not have the first in the nation caucus. We hear charges that Iowa is insignificant with not enough of a minority population, and that our state has too much influence in the presidential candidate selection process.

Many of these critics do not like Iowa's midwestern heartland values. They think big money can and should buy elections and they should be able to purchase big voter turnouts with huge well funded organizations. Others think third party money pouring into our state running negative campaigns will influence election outcomes in their favor. Such may be the accepted conventional wisdom of the past that may well work elsewhere, but not yesterday in Iowa.

Hearing the spin downplaying their losses, the HillBilly Clintons and the Flip-Flop Romneys made their usual excuses and will pump even more money into their campaigns justifying their egotistical attempts to purchase opportunities for their coronations.

What of the polls? They are innacurate again, time after time after time... The only real polls that count are the totals of actual elections. While they may have some value, they are highly overrated and have been proven consistently to be outside their allowable percentage of error. Time for pollsters to go back to the drawing board.

What about the Des Moines Register's endorsements? Iowa's largest newspaper does not represent Iowa nor its values. An endorsement from the Des Moines Register is considered by some to be a curse or a political deathwish. The Des Moines Register endorsements show they are so out of touch with Iowans, rational Iowans can consider them a joke.

Was the role of the Iowa Caucuses good for America? YES! If for no other reason than that Iowa showed the nation and the world money cannot buy elections in Iowa and IOWA IS NOT FOR SALE!

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