Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Today - Then On To South Carolina

Hopefully New Hampshire Voters Won't Be Bought
Prediction - Romney, Clinton Will Be Political Casualties

A win in South Carolina for White House contenders Sen. Hillary Clinton and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney could be a necessity if the latest New Hampshire polls hold true.

The USA/Gallup Poll has Sen. Barack Obama carrying the momentum of his Iowa victory to an enormous 13-point advantage over Clinton. Meanwhile on the Republican side, a resurgent Sen. John McCain is attempting to win the Granite State primary for the second time, currently holding a 4-point lead over Romney.

"If Romney doens't win New Hampshire, Romney is dead," said Fowler, noting the tremendous amount of resources the Romney campaign has spent on winning early voting states. Fowler, who endorses Clinton, said failure for her to win New Hampshire would deal a significant blow but because of a broad national organization would not end her run.

Romney state campaign spokesman Will Holley conceded that both New Hampshire and South Carolina are going to be tough battles to win. Despite the campaign's loss in Iowa, Holley said a lot can happen between now and Jan. 19.
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