Friday, February 01, 2008

Hecklers Disrupt Huckabee Speech In San Francisco

Code Pink's Attempts At A Few Minutes Of Fame
Listen To Huckabee's Reply - Audio MP3

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee was heckled by protestors during a speech in San Francisco Thursday.

Members of the anti-war group Code Pink shouted down the former Arkansas governor during an address before the Commonwealth Club. They were eventually hustled out of the Fairmont Hotel ballroom, but the affable, engaging Huckabee took note of the disruption.

"The beauty of America is that a person can come and even make a disruption, and you know what, that person is not going to be taken out and shot."
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Huckabee Could Still Knock Romney Out

From the latest Evans-Novak Political Report: "It is very possible that Huckabee will pick up more delegates on Super Tuesday than will Romney. If Romney is in third place in delegates on February 6, that could end his bid."

The reason? "The proportional or district-by-district states are largely in the South -- Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. While McCain and Huckabee battle over these states, Romney likely will run third across the South, further extending McCain's lead."
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