Thursday, January 31, 2008

Change Of Dynamics With Dropout Wednesday

Giuliani Out Of Republican Race
Edwards Out Of Democrat Race

On the Democrat side, the final two standing are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Pundits say Edwards dropping from the race appears to benefit Obama the most. Little love lost between Clinton and Obama...

Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the presidential race and not only endorsed Sen. John McCain, but offered to campaign for him. On the Republican side, there are four candidates remaining. Ron Paul who has virtually no chance. Mike Huckabee who now doubtfully has little chance, who at this point staying in the race. Then there is Mitt Romney, who thinks his violating Reagan's 11th commandment and wealth can buy elections (and occasionally has). The frontrunner is John McCain who currently looks like the heir apparent.

In the meantime,
California Governor Schwarzenegger will endorse John McCain on Thursday, giving a certain boost to the Republican presidential front-runner six days before California's high-prize primary.

The two will appear at a news conference after touring a Los Angeles-based solar energy company and the governor will make his endorsement official, his senior aides confirmed Wednesday.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John McCain Wins Florida - Now GOP FrontRunner

Giuliani To Drop Out and Endorse Senator John McCain
Romney Uses Personal Wealth To Continue Campaign

Sen. John McCain won Florida's Republican primary on Tuesday, apparently ending Rudy Giuliani's hopes for the GOP presidential nomination and taking a critical victory over Mitt Romney in the battle for momentum as the campaign turns to Super Tuesday.

Giuliani will endorse McCain on Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., a senior member of his campaign told NBC News late Tuesday.

NBC news analyst Howard Fineman reported that sources told him the two campaigns were negotiating details of the deal.

...Romney, who has spent millions of dollars of his personal fortune to run for the White House, vowed to stay in the race.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rudy's Last Stand In Florida

May Depend On Just How Bad The Loss
- Polls Have Him In 3rd Place -

Lucky Number Three (3) &
Rudy's Reminds Voters Of His Three (3) Wives

Rudy Giuliani hinted today that he might quit the race for president if he loses badly in today's Florida primary.

"When it's Wednesday morning, we'll make the decision," he said aboard his plane.

But while campaigning through the Gulf Coast and South Florida, the ex-mayor insisted he'd do fine if only his supporters would hit the polls.

If Giuliani drops out, many expect him to endorse his "good friend" McCain. He said he may take a few days before revealing what he intends to do, other than participate in tomorrow's California debate.
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Can The Bill and Hillary Campaign Be Unmorphed?

Clinton II Will Try To Undo
Damage From "Team HillBilly"

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign will try to shift former President Bill Clinton back into the positive, supportive-spouse role that he played before her loss in the Iowa caucuses, Clinton advisers said on Sunday.

Yet some of them expressed concern that Bill Clinton's aggressive campaigning in South Carolina already may have damaged Hillary Clinton and that he may be difficult to rein in.
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Hilllary's Newest Bumper Sticker

Lest We Forget...
The Legacy Of The Clintons

In the meantime...

As he campaigns for his wife, Bill Clinton has been taking aim at her rival Barack Obama and the media with increasing rancor, trading the roles of elder statesman and supportive spouse for that of attack dog.

Obama is scrapping, too, going after the former president with increasingly heated criticism, and getting testy with reporters himself at times.

Bill Clinton, campaigning in South Carolina on Wednesday, complained that Obama had put out a "hit job" on him. He didn't explain what that meant.
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Collapse Of Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani Plummets In New York, California
and Across The Nation

..."It really is one of the most amazing collapses," said Charles H. Franklin, a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin....

After dominating the Republican presidential race for nearly a year, Rudolph W. Giuliani has faced nothing but defeat in the opening contests: He finished fourth in New Hampshire and sixth in Iowa, Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina.

With time running short, no sign of a turnaround has emerged. He has lost his front-runner's perch in California, a new Field Poll has found. Other surveys show sharp drops for Giuliani in Florida, New Jersey and New York, his home state.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fred Thompson Quits Presidential Race

Fred Thompson Calls It Quits
After Becoming South Carolina Spoiler

Note: The short-lived candidacy of Fred Thompson and his involvement in the Republican primary election in South Carolina denied Mike Huckabee a victory there. Pundits speculate eventually there will be a Thompson endorsement for John McCain. Thompson's supporters sometimes seemed more enthused about Fred's candidacy than he was. Yet we liked Fred Thompson and his positions, and we could have easily voted for him...

Republican Fred Thompson, the actor-politician who attracted more attention as a potential presidential candidate than as a real one, quit the race for the White House on Tuesday after a string of poor finishes in early primary and caucus states.

"Today, I have withdrawn my candidacy for president of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort," the former Tennessee senator said in a brief statement.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Obama Running Against Clinton/Clinton Ticket

- Time To Call Foul -
Constitutionally, Bill Cannot Run For President

Facing formidable support for Senator Barack Obama in South Carolina, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is deploying former President Bill Clinton there while she shifts her attention to campaigning in states with nominating contests next month and to raising money.

The strategic shift intensifies a new dynamic in the race: Mrs. Clinton’s campaign this week in South Carolina is essentially running Mr. Clinton against Mr. Obama.
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Republican Presidential Election Politics - Anybody's Guess

- Still No Republican Front Runner -
Too Many Candidates Splitting Votes

So Romney won Nevada and Mormons (almost all Mormons) voted for him. Duncan Hunter drops out, while Fred Thompson considers the same. John McCain wins New Hampshire, and South Carolina by the help of (Independents, not Republicans) aided by the Evangelical vote divided between Huckabee and Thompson.

Still many would point to Romney as the leader, even as a current poll for
whatever it is worth shows him leading. Many will point to his winning ability based on his money, while many point to his political history of having political positions during his life that could appeal to anyone, no matter what their ideological persuasions are.

On to Florida,
if Giuliani loses, he is likely finished and is barely ahead in some old polls. There is the liberal values voters - Giuliani, the moderate camp - McCain, values voters - Huckabee, mainstream conservative voters - Thompson, business interests voters - Romney, libertarian voters - Paul.

After Super Tuesday, we will see the candidates that remain, but the Republican Convention may be a brokered convention...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Who Is Running For President - Hill or Bill?

Are Hillary's Supporters There For Hill Or Bill?
(A.K.A. Team HillBilly)

Former President Bill Clinton got a rock star greeting and responded with a two-hour show Wednesday at a Napa campaign stop for his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

...Bill Clinton, playing the role of surrogate campaigner in front of a decidedly friendly crowd, was much more cheerleader than attack dog...
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So much for presidential term limits...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

ACLU Defends Senator Larry Craig

ACLU Thinks Sex In Private Stalls Is Private
Read 12 Page Brief

The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging the constitutionality of charges brought against Republican Sen. Larry Craig for soliciting sex in the men’s bathroom of a Minneapolis airport.

The ACLU filed a 12-page brief with the Minnesota Court of Appeals that states: “The law the state has applied to this defendant makes it a crime to use offensive language, and since the use of offensive language alone cannot be made a crime, the law is unconstitutionally overbroad on its face.”

The ACLU also takes issue with the “secret sting” police conducted that ensnared Craig. Instead, the legal group recommends authorities use posted signs to deter people from having sex in public.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Romney Wins In Michigan

A Win Is A Win - Even if it is a Pure Native Son Win
It Helps Daddy Was Governor Too...

How did Romney win? By ditching the inauthentic "consensus conservative" guise, reminding local voters of his Michigan roots, promising to "rebuild" the auto industry (McCain admitted that jobs weren't coming back) and dropping more than $2 million on television advertising.
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Pandering Politician Has Lost Authenticity

Mitt Romney's victory in Michigan was a defeat for authenticity in politics.

The former Massachusetts governor pandered to voters, distorted his opponents' record and continued to show why he's the most malleable — and least credible — major presidential candidate.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Royal Mother Dishonored Princess Daughter

Royal GrandMum Must Have Forgotten
About Her Living Royal Grandsons
(From Princess Diana's Inquest)

Diana, Princess of Wales, was planning to marry her lover, Hasnat Khan, but her own mother branded her a “whore” for dating a Muslim, her former butler Paul Burrell told her inquest.

He said Diana had stopped speaking to her mother two months before she died and told how he had listened in to her conversation with Frances Shand-Kydd when she had made “disgraceful” comments about her daughter.

Mr Burrell, giving evidence at the inquest into the deaths of Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, said: “I sat and listened with the Princess. One on one side and another on the other.

“She called the Princess a whore and she said that she was messing around with effing Muslim men, and she was disgraceful and said some nasty things.”

Mr Burrell also said he approached his local Catholic priest to ask about arranging a “private wedding” between a Christian and a Muslim, the High Court hearing was told.
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Monday, January 14, 2008

In Michigan It's Do Or Die For Romney

Will Michigan Ties Help Romney?

Republican John McCain holds a slim lead on rival Mitt Romney in Michigan one day before the state's hotly contested presidential nominating contest, according to a Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll released on Monday.

McCain, an Arizona senator who won the New Hampshire primary last week, narrowly leads Romney 27 percent to 24 percent among likely Republican voters in Michigan, within the poll's margin of error of 3.3 percentage points.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who won Iowa's kick-off contest, was third at 15 percent in Michigan. He was followed by Texas Rep. Ron Paul at 8 percent, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani at 6 percent and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson at 5 percent.
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