Monday, February 09, 2009

Democrats: Pay Your Taxes

Obama's Cabinet Appointees Have Tax Problems
Shhh.. Don't Forget About Al Franken's Taxes...

America is now nearly three weeks into the Obama presidency and already his administration has been plagued with a few political scandals. Chief among them are the inability of anyone in his cabinet to pay their taxes.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, Obama’s nominee for secretary of health and human services, recently stepped down as the nominee after controversy broke out over the fact that he did not pay $140,000 worth of income taxes to the government.

This happened after Nancy Killefer, nominee for Obama’s chief White House performance officer, withdrew her name after it was revealed that she failed to pay unemployment taxes in the District of Columbia. This new cabinet position is ironically supposed to help the president control wasteful spending. Too bad Killefer considers her taxes an example of useless spending.

And then there is Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner, who prior to being confirmed to his present job failed to pay $35,000 in self-employment taxes. This is even greater irony, considering it is his job to handle the government’s money.
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