Thursday, February 05, 2009

Employ Americans First In This High Unemployment Crisis

Information From The
Coalition For The Future American Worker

My mission for 40 years has been to train Black Americans and find jobs for them. But it has become mission impossible as the government allows more and more jobs to be filled by legal and illegal foreign workers. Now Congress is considering amnesty for millions of illegal foreign workers. Some members see it as an easy way to get votes; some as cheap labor for their supporters. But to Black Americans, amnesty is an immoral seizure of our jobs.

Black Americans have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs to foreign workers willing to work for next to nothing. And the hiring of low-skilled immigrants is responsible for 40% of the decline in employment among Black American men. Amnesty for illegal workers will further devastate many of our communities. Around 40%of Black American men are without a job today. Why would anybody favor giving American jobs to MORE foreign workers – especially illegal ones?

Coalition For The Future American Worker

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