Monday, September 15, 2008

Poll: Sarah Palin Unites Conservatives, Voters, More Enthused Than In 2004

Conservatives Rallying Behind McCain
- Made Possible By Sarah Palin

In a stunning turn-around, a new poll taken after Sarah Palin's nomination as Vice President shows that grassroots conservatives overwhelmingly support John McCain for president at levels that may eclipse conservative enthusiasm in the 2004 presidential election!

The poll, conducted by, found that 62% of conservatives now say they are "more enthusiastic" about the 2008 elections than 2004 -- a complete reversal from May when the same question found that those "less enthusiastic" outnumbered the more enthusiastic by a 3-to-1 margin.

Additionally, the survey also found that 93% of conservatives plan on voting for McCain (up from 67% in May), and 48% will volunteer and/or contribute (up from 24% in May). The difference? Sarah Palin. The survey found that 92% of conservative are "more enthusiastic" about McCain because of his choice of Palin as his running mate. "Clearly, it wasn't enough for conservatives to oppose Obama or Clinton; they wanted a positive reason to support McCain," says Elliott. "Palin is making this possible."
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