Tuesday, September 09, 2008

McCain/Palin Surge Among Women Now At Twenty (20) Points!

Obama's Ego Stopped Him From Choosing A Woman
Rejects A Woman For VP, Then Bashes A Woman - Now Payback

Iowa Loves Sarah PalinThe most surprising results -- and surely the most disturbing for the freshman Illinois senator's camp -- are the immense gains McCain has made among white women following the Republican National Convention and the well-received prime-time speech by Palin.

In barely three weeks since before the Democratic convention last month, that crucial group of female voters has moved from 50-42 in Obama's favor to 53-41 for McCain now.

That's a huge 20-point shift in almost as many days, no doubt attributed in large part to the addition of a woman to the Republican ticket, Alaskan Gov. Palin, for the first time in the party's 164-year history.
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