Friday, September 05, 2008

CBS Poll: McCain and Obama Now Tied

The Sara Palin Bump Worth At Least +8 Points
Poll Doesn't Take Into Consideration McCain's Acceptance Speech

The presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain is now even at 42 percent, according to a new CBS News poll conducted Monday-Wednesday of this week. Twelve percent are undecided according to the poll, and one percent said they wouldn't vote.

This is in contrast to a poll conducted last weekend, where the Obama-Biden ticket led McCain-Palin by eight points, 48 percent to 40 percent.
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Results Of A National Survey Group Study

The study, conducted by HCD Research and the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion, was designed to gauge Americans’ perceptions of the speech introducing Palin and her politics to the nation.

Among the findings:

After viewing Palin’s speech, a greater number of respondents across all parties believe that McCain’s selection of the first-term Alaska governor will help his campaign. Republicans were especially positive, with nearly three-quarters suggesting the pick will “definitely” help.

After viewing the speech, 70 percent of Republicans say they will “definitely” vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

After viewing the speech, there is a 9 percent increase in the number of Independents that will “probably’ or “definitely” vote McCain/Palin.

Palin’s speech proved to be equally effective in swaying votes for both men and women. Among Independents who watched Palin’s speech, respondents who reported they will “probably” or “definitely” vote for McCain increased by 10 percent across
both genders -- around 38 percent for females and 36 percent for males.
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