Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Can Kiss Iowa Goodbye - Disses Sara Palin and Rural America

Obama Already Starts Dividing Our Country:
Rural Vs. Urban America

Mainstream Iowan hardly ever posts more than once in a day, but we are just ecstatic over the McCain's pick of Sara Palin for Vice-President. This blog posted Sara Palin as our choice long before today's announcement. Palin frequently had an approval rating above 90% in 2007 as Alaska's governor (now thought to be around 80*. Here is some background history on Sara Palin...

Then the "One" Obama's campaign already started dissing Sara Palin as a Mayor of Wasilla, a small town in rural Alaska. So what's wrong Rural/Small Town America? Perhaps the Obama campaign believes rural Americans are not sophisticated enough to be national leaders, or that Americans from large cities and urban areas have some kind of superiority or intellectual advantage over others. She already has more executive experience than Obama himself. We can hardly wait for the Biden/Palen debates.

It's Time For A Female Leader In America...
and Sara Palin Is That Person

Send Sara "Baracuda" into the rural Iowa and the rest of the Midwest. Others seem to agree... She is a woman faith who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. A Washington outsider... A fighter for government ethics against corruption... She understands the role of energy in America... An inspiration to young women... A high energy hockey mom with a strong work ethic...

On a side note, she has been a leader since her high school days. Wait until Iowans start hearing about her playing on her high school girl's basketball team as point guard and winning a state championship by hitting a critical free throw in the closing seconds. She was also head of the Fellowship of Christian athletes at her school at that time - and was the leader of her team's prayers before basketball games. As a mother of 5 children, she is a Pro-Life Christian and smart enough to understand and answer the question of when life begins. As a woman and a mother, she will not tell you her answer is above her pay grade.

In the meantime, the moonbats are beside themselves and are already trashing her!

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