Monday, August 25, 2008

Postville's Agriprocessors: A Blight On Iowa

Company Gives The State Of Iowa A Bad Name
Governor Orders State Agency Not To List Agriprocessors Jobs

Iowa Governor Culver: "... I directed Iowa Workforce Development Director Lis Buck to prevent Agriprocessors from listing open positions on state job-listings services due to the unsafe working conditions at the Postville facility.

Before the federal raid, Agriprocessors already had a history of sanctions by Iowa's state regulatory agencies for water pollution, as well as health and safety law violations. Alarming information about working conditions at the Postville plant - including allegations ranging from the use of child labor in prohibited jobs to sexual and physical abuse by supervisors; from the nonpayment of regular and overtime wages to the denial of immediate medical attention for workplace injuries - brought to national attention by the raid forces me to believe that, in contrast to our state's overall economic-development strategy, this company's owners have deliberately chosen to take the low road in its business practices."
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Postville Company Cited for 31 Safety Violations,$101,000 Fine Proposed

Iowa Governor Response Applauded

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