Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Agriprocessors In Postville Violated Child Labor Laws

Potentially Up To $1 Million Dollars In Fines!
Shame On Agriprocessors, Shame On The Postville
Community Who Knew Or Should Have Known

The Agriprocessors meat-processing plant in Postville could be hit with up to $1 million in fines as a result of alleged violations of child-labor laws.

The state's labor commissioner is asking Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller to pursue charges against Agriprocessors for what is alleged to be a record-setting number of criminal violations related to underage Iowa workers.

"There's no doubt it's probably the largest case in the history of the state," said Labor Commissioner Dave Neil. "
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Mainstream Iowan Opinion: All this would not have been brought to light had it not been for the Postville ICE Raid... Agriprocessors is a public nuisance, an embarrassment and a blight to the State of Iowa.

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