Friday, August 01, 2008

Poll: Republicans Could Lose 3 Seats In Senate

Latest Zogby Poll Asserts Republican Candidate Kennedy
Will Likely Pick Off Louisiana Senator Landrieu

Democrats appear closer to taking complete control of the United States Senate, as three seats now held by Republicans are in jeopardy, a new analysis of polling data by Zogby International shows.

The Zogby Interactive analysis of five key Senate races finds New Mexico, Virginia and Oregon trending to Democrats. The Democrats are in real danger of losing a seat in Louisiana. The fifth state, Colorado, is now tied.

...Republican John Kennedy is among the GOP’s best hopes to oust a Democratic incumbent. He leads Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu, 47%-41%. To prevent a defeat, Landrieu will need a large turnout among women, moderates, African-Americans and low-income voters. Her task was made more difficult due to population loss in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
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