Monday, July 28, 2008

Protests and Counter-Protests In Postville Iowa

Some Protesters Supporting ICE, Some Protesting
Agriprocessors, Some Demanding Immigration Reform
Organizers Imported Protesters From Other States

Supporters came from Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Texas and Wisconsin and elsewhere to participate in the two-mile march that wound through Postville from St. Bridget's to Agriprocessors and to a city park before returning to the church.

Walkers chanted, "Si, se puede" — "Yes, we can" — as they walked, followed by choruses of "People united can't be defeated."

As the group stopped outside the Agriprocessors plant, Rabbi Harold Kravitz, of Adath Jeshurun Congregation in Minneapolis, Minn., told rally-goers that the Jewish community is asking those who prepare meats according to their kosher requirements be held accountable.

A smaller group of about 200 protesters stood across the street from the rally, carrying signs that read, "Thank you ICE," referring to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement service, and "The more raids the better."
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