Friday, October 31, 2008

Blue Dog Democrats Distance Themselves From Obama

Conservative Blue Dog Democrats Distance Themselves From Obama

The caucus of conservative-minded Democrats has been reluctant to cozy up to Obama, in some cases even distancing themselves from the popular presidential candidate. Scan the group's Web site, and you won’t find a single mention of their party’s presidential nominee.

During a special House election in May, for example, campaign ads linked Mississippi’s Democrat Rep. Travis Childers to Obama as well as his controversial former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Childers was forced to run a 30-second response ad decrying attacks “linking me to politicians I don't know and have never even met.”

Opponents in Louisiana made similar claims about Rep. Don Cazayoux, who, like Childers, was forced to establish some distance between himself and Obama.

Both Childers and Cazayoux won their House races and now are members of the
Blue Dog Caucus. But both congressmen skipped the Democratic National Convention in August, where Obama accepted the party’s nomination.
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