Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Iowa State Senator James Seymour Pleads Guilty To Misdemeanor

Plead Guilty To Soliciting Decoy Prostitute In 2002
- Senator Has No Opponent In Election -

Iowa State Senator James Seymour, a Republican representing the 28th District from Woodbine, pled guilty more than six years ago for solicitation after responding to an ad for a prostitute in Des Moines.

That revelation came Oct. 19 when the Des Moines Register published a story on elected officials' past criminal history. Seymour, 69, was running for his first term in the Iowa Senate at the time of his arrest.

Reached at home Oct. 20, he confirmed he was arrested in March of 2002 for solicitation after handing over $90 to what would later be revealed as a decoy prostitute. He appeared in court and pled guilty to a misdemeanor. He also had to pay a fine. Seymour told the Register the report could "destroy" him.

"To some degree, it already has," Seymour told The Woodbine Twiner. "Can I salvage my life and my career? I don't know. That's for other people to judge."
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