Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sweetheart Plea Bargain Deal For Ramona Cunningham

Plea Agreement Is A Miscarriage Of Justice
Cunningham Pleads Guilty To 8 of 30 Indictments
(Remembering Tesdall Was Convicted of 29 Counts)

''The ... case will go down in history as one of the most significant public corruption or public fraud cases in Iowa,'' U.S. Attorney Matthew G. Whitaker said during a news conference. ''This case demonstrates how not to operate an organization that receives federal funds.''

Whitaker's assessment came Monday, shortly after the Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium's former CEO, Ramona Cunningham, admitted she had diverted federal funds to her own pocketbook and to a handful of her colleagues at the federally funded job training agency.

Cunningham pleaded guilty to eight of the 30 federal charges she had initially faced. Prosecutors say they'll argue for her to spend 7 to 10 years behind bars.
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