Monday, April 28, 2008

CIETC Scandal Far From Over, More Criminal and Civil Action Pending

Ramona Still To Be Tried
Civil Suits Yet To Commence

First Round Of Convictions:
The jury in Davenport took less than three days to return its verdict in the CIETC salary trial. The scandal became the largest case of government fraud in Iowa after accusations that one-point-eight million dollars of taxpayer money went to inflated salaries and bonuses.

Late Thursday afternoon, the jury returned guilty verdicts for former CIETC accountant Karen Tesdell on all 29 counts of her indictment, one count of conspiracy and 28 counts of fraud. The jury split its decision on former Iowa Workforce Development deputy director Jane Barto. She was found guilty of obstruction, but acquitted on the more serious charge of conspiracy. The third defendant, former CIETC board member Dan Albritton was cleared of his one charge of conspiracy.


Regional Workforce Investment Alliance (CIETC) To Disband:
The Des Moines job-training agency, which renamed itself the Regional Workforce Investment Alliance in the wake of a major payroll scandal, is expected to disband June 30.

The organization's board of directors made it official Thursday by approving a resolution to that effect.

Disbanding the agency has been a foregone conclusion since March 24, when Des Moines withdrew from the alliance.
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It Ain't Over Yet...

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