Monday, April 21, 2008

Des Moines Pizza Hut Delivery Man Fired For Self Defense

Delivery Man Who Was Robbed At Gunpoint
Is Fired From Pizza Hut
Company Ignoring The Safety Of Delivery Personnel

A Des Moines pizza delivery driver who was suspended after he shot an alleged armed robber said today that he has been fired.

James William Spiers III, 38, said Pizza Hut officials asked for his resignation in exchange for at least two months' pay and counseling.

Spiers fired multiple shots at a man who allegedly put a gun to his head on March 28 and demanded money at the Sutton Hill Apartments, 2100 S.E. King Ave.

The suspect, Kenneth Jimmerson, 19, was arrested when he later called for medical help. Jimmerson, who police say suffered at least three gunshot wounds, survived his injuries and faces a first-degree robbery charge. Melanie Stout, 18, who allegedly called in the pizza order, is charged with conspiracy.
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