Friday, December 05, 2008

Gannet Layoffs Hit Iowa

Layoffs Blamed On Internet and Poor Economy
(What About Cancellations Due To Leftist Biased Reporting?)

The Des Moines Register has reported that 41 people are being laid off and 15 open positions not be filled. Forty-one employees have been let go and 15 open positions won’t be filled at The Des Moines Register. An additional four employees volunteered for a severance package.

The Indianola Record-Herald and the Altoona Herald, also owned by The Register’s parent company, Gannett Co., will let 14 employees go. The Press-Citizen laid off 11 employees, including six full-time and five part-time workers, this week because of the worsening economy.

The layoffs are part of a 10 percent reduction in payroll that Gannett Co., the Press-Citizen's parent company, announced in late October.

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